LindsayHey! I’m Lindsay Laidlaw!

I’m a grade twelve homeschool student who lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. At the age of 12 I began learning website development for a school project and at the age of 13 I began working as a part-time sub-contractor with a local marketing agency, Marketing Integrity. In the process I gained valuable design, SEO, and client management techniques and the intricacies of running a business.

In July, 2014, I launched this business, Passion Platform Media. Through this entrepreneurial adventure my goal is to help people create an online platform to build their own business and share their passion for changing the world through the products or services they offer.

Contact Me for more information on how I can partner with you as you begin to promote your passion.


“Top quality, knowledgeable and cutting-edge, Lindsay grabbed ahold of our vision and made it into a reality. I would highly recommend Passion Platform Media for your business or personal website needs.”

Andrea Thomson
Real Mike Miller